Need to Know
  1. What do I

  2. Need to Know

  3. to be successful at HPA?

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  5. Q:  When does school start?

  6. A:  The first day of school is Monday, August 24, 2015.  We can’t wait to see you!

  7. Q:  What time do I need to be at school each day?

  8. A:  First period begins at 8:15 a.m.  Students must be in the classroom at this time.  If a student is late to any class period, you are considered tardy.

  9. Q:  What is the drop off route?

  10. A:  Travel West on La Plata Drive to drop off at the Gym Entrances.

  11. Q:  Where should I go when I arrive at school?

  12. A:  8th graders should report directly to the Varsity Gym unless you are eating breakfast.  After you have eaten breakfast, report to the Varsity Gym.

  13. Q:  What happens if I am late to school or to classes throughout the day?

  14. A:  If you are late to school, you must sign in at the front office before going to class.  If you are late to school or any class during the day, you will receive a Lunch Detention; it is your responsibility to serve the Lunch Detention.  If you are tardy more than 10 times in one semester, you will be assigned to a Friday School.

  15. Q:  What is expected of me as a student at HPA?

  16. A:  We want you to be successful!  HPA students are held to the standards of HERD Pride:

  17. H=Here

  18. E=Engaged

  19. R=Respectful

  20. D= Disciplined

  21. Q:  What should I do if I am absent?

  22. A:  If you are absent, your parent must contact the attendance office each time that you are absent within three days of an absence for it to be considered excused.  They may do so with a parent phone call, parent note, parent email, doctor note, or parent sign out.  It is your responsibility to make up any schoolwork that you missed.  A detailed attendance policy can be found in the Attendance section of the Student Handbook.

  23. Q:  What is the dress code?

  24. A:.  Students are expected to follow the dress code at all times.  Violators will be required to change into school issued clothing to be worn the remainder of the day.  You will not be allowed to call home to get a new change of clothes or go home to change.  Monday is “College Day” at HPA, so it is appropriate to wear a favorite college t-shirt or jersey; Friday is “School Spirit Day,” and you are encouraged to wear your Herd apparel.  The Dress Code is located in the HPA Handbook and on the HPA website.

  25. Q:  Can I use my cell phone at school?

  26. A:  You may use your cell phone in ONLY in Cell Phone/Electronic “Friendly” Zones as follows:

  27. 1.In the Varsity Gym before school

  28. 2.In the HPA Hallway ONLY during passing periods

  29. 3.Lunch in the Cafeteria ONLY

  1. If you have your cell phone, iPod, MP3, CD player, headphones/earbuds, or any other electronic device out at school at times/places other than the specified Cell Phone/Electronic “Friendly” Zones listed above, it will be taken up and turned in to the office.   If this is your first offense, your parent may pick it up at the end of the day.  For any subsequent offense, your parent or guardian must pick it up and pay a $15 fine.  If you violate this policy more than three (3) times, you will be assigned to Friday School or ISS (In School Suspension). 

  2. This policy also applies to borrowed items.  The cell phone or other technology will be entered under the name of who was in possession of it.  The parent or guardian of this student must pick up the item.  Keep your cell phone turned off and in your pocket or backpack, and don’t let your friends borrow it!

  3. Q:  How much time do I have between classes?

  4. A:  You have 4 minutes between classes.  When your teacher dismisses you from class, you should go to your next class in an orderly and respectful manner; this is also the appropriate time to use the restroom or water fountain.  You are responsible for arriving at your next class on time.   See the Bell Schedule.

  5. Q:  What is the procedure for lunch?

  6. A:  After 5th period, you will report to your 6th period class, and attendance will be taken.  Teachers will walk students to lunch, where you will sit in assigned seats.  Open seating will be offered at the appropriate time if all students demonstrate responsibility, including respectful behavior and actions while in the cafeteria.

  7. Q:  Why do I have an I.D.?

  8. A:  Your I.D. is for identification, safety/security and for bus and lunchroom purposes.  You are expected to wear it around your neck at all times.  You will be issued your first I.D. free of charge.  If you lose your I.D. the cost to replace it is $5.

  9. Q:  Why do I have a planner?

  10. A:  HPA issues every student a planner.  If you lose your planner, the cost to replace it is $5.  It is meant to serve three purposes:

  11. 1.As an organizational and communication tool – teachers will instruct you to write specific information in your planner, and it serves as a direct line of communication to your parent or guardian.

  12. 2.As a Hall Pass – you will need your planner to leave the classroom for any reason, including nurse, locker or restroom.  

  13. 3.For 2nd period tutorials – teachers will mark students’ planners for tutorial classes

  14. Q:  If I need to leave to school during the day, what is the procedure?

  15. A:  A parent or guardian must sign you out in the main office before you may leave campus.  Identification must be presented to pick up a student, and students will be released only to an adult named on the student information/emergency card.

  16. Q:  What should I do if I am having any problems or issues at school?

  17. A:  Please report them to Mrs. Merrell, counselor; Mr. Villegas, assistant principal, or Mrs. Clifton, principal.