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Ms. Altom

Ms. Altom is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a bachelor in Nutritional Science. She loves her family, dogs, and the outdoors. Fun facts about Ms. Altom: she is a Decedent of the Mayflower, her graduating class in High School was 10 or less, and she is planning a trip next summer to kayak down the Appalachian trail in Vermont. 
This is Ms.Altom first year to teach, and she is looking forward to the many opportunity provided at Hereford Preparatory Academy. Albert Einstein said, " The important thing is to never stop Questioning" 
1st hour - Teacher planning
2nd hour- Science
3rd hour- PLC 
4th hour- Science
5th hour- Science
6th hour- Science
7th hour- Science
8th hour- Science
Ms. Altom